7 Ideas Governments Can Steal From E-Commerce Websites

Governments exist all over the world as a group of individuals who are saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring the survival of a state and the provision of welfare services to the people.

History indicates that some efficient regimes have been considered unpopular, because they were unable to distinguish themselves from their predecessors.

Drawing inspiration from e-commerce sites (i.e websites that are set up for buying and selling products or services), heads of government at various levels can take practical steps to boost their popularity with the masses.

So, here are seven (7) ideas governments can steal from e-commerce websites:

    1. Showcasing key projects: popular e-commerce websites delight inshowcasing their main product lines as an effective way of catching attention. Efficient but unpopular governments can make the display of their key projects rich, well targeted, and engaging in order to grab the masses attention and awaken their interests.
    1. Emphasizing association with celebrities: most e-commerce websites seek to appeal to their target markets through the association of their brand and product lines with high profile customers such as; actors, musicians, sports personalities etc. Governments also can emphasize crucial association with well loved celebrities as a means of appealing to the masses and lending credibility to policies, programs and projects they execute.
    1. Tailoring communication to suit the public: a guaranteed way to lose customers is to frustrate them using complex language when communicating. E-commerce site owners, being conscious of this fact, take steps to reach their customers in simple language. Governments can literally triple their popularity by using plain language and terms that are optimized to address the needs of the masses when communicating with them.
    1. Calling to action: e-commerce websites clearly identify what they want their customers to do. It could be to buy a product or service or, to make recommendations to other potential buyers. Governments can become more popular with the masses by calling them to predetermined actions, which includes; providing them with directions for where to go and what to do at each point.
    1. Stringing together history of executed projects: these days, most e-commerce websites delight in keeping before the eyes of the customer relevant items they have checked out or bought in previous sessions. In adopting a similar idea, governments can string together and periodically present, before the eyes of the masses, a historical collection of laudable projects they have executed.
    1. Showing amount of money spent: It is common place for e-commerce websites to show the customer the amount of money he or she has spent on product or service purchase. Any government that gives the public a clear indication of project costs can be assured of enjoying popularity and trust.
  1. Keeping things painless: e-commerce websites basically keep things simple in order to make customers’ experiences painless. Governments that make it easier for people to make ends meet can be assured of the people’s love and support anytime.

Adopting these simple but logical ideas will help governments enjoy tremendous boost in popularity.

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